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U2, HU2 Type

1/2 - 60 Ton


Mitsubishi original inverter specially developed for hoists has realized the miniaturization and versatility.Functions, which detect the hook position and change to ho=igher hoisting speed when zero load is detected,offer high level pf operation efficiency.


UR Type

1/2 - 3 Ton

This hoist is produced by utilizing the power electronics technology accumulated by Mitsubishi Electric.

And has new variable speed type.This type is popular for excellent operation,

UX Type |  S-X Type

1/2 - 30 Ton   1/2  -  60 Ton 

U-X Type is the first inverter explosion-proof type in the industry.

Explosion -proof Type ( S-X Type).
Hoists used in places where explosive gas or steam exist must pass the Explosion-Protection Examination.

R Type

1/2 - 3 Ton

For medium frequency use this hoist is structurally simple and economical with real capability.The hoist is provided with onerank higher capability and both power and worthy of its real capability and economical efficiency.

S Type

1/2 - 60 Ton

This series is heavy-duty type hoists for applications involving high frequency operations. Its winding speed and the duty class is the highest available.

Gear Motor Saddle

Power Output :

0.4 - 3.7 kW

Low speed and High speed type are available

Standard Specifications


< SGM -A > is easy handling gear motor for crane saddle.
There are two speed types of output axis rotaion.
( Low speed and High Speed ). It allows customers to choose the most suitable type of gear.

Other Related Component



Other Components :


Wireless Remote Controller.


Overload Limit Switch, Etc.


Wire Rope Hoist



Bando Hoist was originally Meiden hoist design concept. Built with strong and solid structure frame, allow to operate and handling material safely

Chain Hoist


Built with High Work Efficiency an d designed as Dual Speed type of High/ Low Speed ( Ratio  4:1 ) for winding.

High Operator's Safety FEC for Load chain and Mechanical Interlock Button for push button.


Heavy Duty Hoist

Compact Size and Light weight Crab hoist Model. Built with high duty cycle allow to move or handling material without any trouble. Available until 300 Ton

Mitsubishi Hoist
Bando Hoist
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