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As we provide many factories with our reliable lifting equipment and keep your manufacturing process run productively is our solution to enhance services of our product.
The product must be shipped on schedule: no delays are allowed. You need reliable, safe, and fast lifting equipment.

Sanki Cranes Indonesia provides general manufacturing cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your production demand.

We provide solutions for general manufacturing industry.
Effective lifting solutions.

Do you use metals to make pipes, tools, or other products? Maybe you assembling high duty product like Air plane, Train, or a ship.
process food or working in plastics industry. Whatever you manufacture, we have the right lifting solutions for you.

We also adapt most of our industrial cranes for hazardous environment. The motor is specially designed for the hazardous environment, and the electrical components are designed with safety. Get connected with us, so we can provide you the best solution for your businesses.


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