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pt. sanki cranes indonesia


The first step is to collect brief information about the client's business and objectives. Tell us about your business so that we can determine the most suitable product  to maximize your business productivity.



Using the information gathered, we make estimates of the cost of services and the delivery date, start a new project in the workshop, collecting items needed (design, materials, imported items, taking care of crane certification) make a list of tasks, set deadlines in the calendar.


Our crane inspection is a standardized, include hoist tests, geometrical measurements and condition inspections. This is our commitment to provide a high quality crane for client's.


Our professional staff creates drawing for your lifting equipment using approved information from the client.


All drawing are approved, goals are clear, task list is filled, manufacturing can start. The whole process could take more time depend on your lifting equipment spesification. We do research and analysis to create a high quality crane to improve your production line.


The final step is installation of crane. Supported by our professional team, to install crane properly while safety is our priority and it's our commitment above all.

Work Process

So, what are you waiting for?

Get connected with us, we are pleased to join your project.

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