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UR-Type Series

Inverter technology and creep speed technology are combined to make a variable speed hoist for twenty-first century.


Capacity : 1/2 - 3 tons

Hoisting Speed : Varies from 0.8 - 8.0 m./min.

Traversing Speed : Varies from 2.5 - 25 m./min



Power supply:

3-phase 200v 50/60hz control 200V, 220V 60Hz control 220V

(400V class is also available)

3-phasehz control 200V, 400V 60Hz control 220V

3-phase380V control 48V(100V and 24V are also available)


Operating method :

Push button switch operations


Suspended type: 2 points

Frame Mounted type : U D

Motor operated traversing hoist :6 points U D E W S N

"Above push button are all 2 step  push button excluding ON AND Off"


Applicable standard  :

JISC9620 Electric Hoists, Crane structure standard.



hoisting 25%. ED(63% of rating load), 150S/Hr JISC9620, Travelling troller type)

Ambient air temperature:

-10C-40C ( Non congelation)

Ambient relative humidity :

Less than 90% RH

( Non condensening)

Enclosure :

Simplified outdoor type (JISC 0920, Equivalent to IP44)(rainproof cover is required when it used in the open air)

speed trversing is set to25/2.5m/mn at shipment.


Color Coating :

main body:

Metallic gray ( Equvalent to Munsell N$.0)

Hook block:Munsell 7.5YR7/14Note: this hoists can not be use for lift( Elevator for passengers)


Remarks :

High lowering is contactor operation, speed is 6m.min in 1t and 6.7m/m in 2t-2.8tfor the power supply is 50Hz.

Lifting low speed is ser to 1/10 of high speed at shipment High speed travesing low speed traversing is set to25/2.5m/min at shipment.



UR series  are not possible to use for the liftWhen the winding creep is done, it is not possible to operate smootly by the taversing resistance.


Pease contact us.We recommend the installation of the noise filter because it might mis operate in thpoint whre a lof of power supply noises exist.

Please contact us when you use the product in a lot of spaces such as the causticity gas and dust that are.


Speed range of lfting and loweing in low speed 40% of the display value in the rating load.

The speed difference between much load and no load grows at the time of low speed operating. too.

U2, HU2-Type Series

This series which Mitsubishi Original inverter specially developed for hoist has realized the miniaturization and versatility.


Capacity : ½ tons - 60tons

Hoisting Speed : variable from 0.3 to 13 m/min

Traversing Speed : variable from 2.5 to 25 m/minOverload Protection functionPosition detection device

No-Load High speed function


Power Supply :3-phase 200V 50/60Hz control 200V, 220V 60Hz control 220V(400V class is also avaliable)3 - Phase 400V 50/60Hz control 200V, 440V 60Hz control 220V3 - Phase 380V 50Hz control 48V (100V and 24V are also available)


Operating Method:

Push button switch operations


1/2t~3t     5t~45t

Suspended TypeFrame Mounted Type2 Points     4 PointsU D   

ON OFF U DMotor operated Traversing Hoist6 Points

8 Points

U D E W S N  


Above push buttons are all 2 step push buttons excluding "ON" and "OFF"


Comes with various type :


Single Girder Type

Low head Type

Double Rail Type

Suspended Type

Frame Mounted Type


Hoisting (less than 5t) 40%ED (100% of load rating).

400S/Hr(More than 7.5t) 25%ED (100% of load rating). 150S/Hr JIS C 9620Traversing 30 min (JIS C 9620)


Power Supply System:

Cable feeding, trolley feeding (only double trolly)Ambient Air Temperature:10°C to 40°C (Non Congelation)Ambient Air Humidity:90% or less (Non Condensing)



Simplified out door type (JIS C 0920, equivalent to IP-44)

Please Prepare the shelter place or the installation of rian cover when it is used in outdoor.


Applicable Standard:

JIS C 9620 electric hoist/crane structure standard.


Color Coating:

Main Body : Metallic gray (Equivalent to Munsell N4.0)

Hook Block : Munsell 7.5YR7/14

Pushbutton : Equivalent to Munsell 7.5YR7/13

Mitsubishi Hoists

ur type
u2 type
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