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S-X Type Series &
U-X-Type Series ( Inverter Type )

Inverter technology and creep speed technology are combined to make a variable speed hoist for twenty-first century.

Inverter explosion-proof type ( U-X Type)
Only 200V class is available.

U-X Type is the first inverter explosion-proof type in the industry.

Explosion -proof Type ( S-X Type).
Hoists used in places where explosive gas or steam exist must pass the Explosion-Protection Examination.
Explosive grade d2 and Ignition degree 4 grade are available.



S-X Series 1/2t - 30t

U-X Series 1/2t - 60t


Hoisting Speed : Varies from 0.8 - 8.0 m./min.

Traversing Speed : Varies from 2.5 - 25 m./min


Comes with various type :


Single Girder Type

Low head Type

Double Rail TYpe

Suspended Type

Mitsubishi Hoists

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