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Gear Motor for Crane Saddle

Power Output :

0.4 - 3.7 kW

Low speed and High speed type are available

Standard Specifications


Power Supply :

3 - Phase 200V 50/60Hz (220V 60Hz is avaliable.)

With BrakeEnclosure     Indoor type

Ambient air Temperature :-10°C to 40°C (Non Congeration)

Ambient Air Humidity :

90% or less (Non Condensing)

Color Coating :

Metallic Gray Note :1. SGM-3.7A-HK2 are Made-to-order product.2.

Inertia Moment of permissible load : Standard type Ten times Innertia Moment of motor3.

Start accumulator such as inverters is necessary for HK type.

Assume the brake circuit to be another power supply when you use inverter

Inverter Control Box
for Saddle Motor (TIB Series)



Reduction of starting & stopping shock.      

The swing of load and building is reduced by the smooth inverter performance which restrains the shock of starting and stopping.


Settable traveling speed for efficient operation      

The optimal operation speed (High and Low speed) can be set in the range from 1/10 to standard speed.

Inching and plugging operations are possible.


Small body and easy installation.   TIB is equipped with a regenerative resistor unit as a standard equipment, and it can be installed directly to a crane girder with ease.



Improved ease of maintenance

In case a defect occurs, the function that displays failure mode facilitates the judgment of locating fault.

The main circuit (noncontact) enhances reliability and improves ease of maintenance.


Enhanced safety functions   

In addition to the conventional functions (over load, the protection of regenerative over voltage), the function of detecting input circuit fault is equipped as a standard.


Shared protection board function (TIB-S)      

Circuit breaker box and contactors for on and off (electric power supply) are standard equipment.

The box can combine with shared protection board for crane.

Screw holes are provided for the contactors of light, buzzer and etc.

Top-Running Crane Saddle and Suspension Crane Saddle are available.

Saddle for Crane

Mitsubishi Hoists

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