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Sanki Cranes Indonesia has wins order from Suzuki Indomobil Motor

Sanki Cranes Indonesia has today signed an agreement to deliver Crab type Crane and Overhead Crane to PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor. The order comprises 7 Overhead Crane with Double hoists and 2 Crabe type Overhead Crane, Delivery is scheduled for 2013 and 2015. The value of the order is not disclosed, but is more than USD 2 million.

With our long life and reliable cranes, we believe our products will give a smooth production line with less maintenance. The spesification indeed designed to fit customer demand for heavy duty lifting with safe and reliable hoists.

And we believe we are moving smooth and steadily to challenge more various projects.

The 2 type of crab crane was intergrated with auto weight adjusment system that allowed system to do adjusment automaically based on lifting weight range. They have a lifting capacity of 40 Tons.

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